Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. The most populated city in Russia and Europe. It’s also one of ten most populated cities in the world. From XV century Moscow was the capital of Russian kingdom but in 1712 Saint Petersburg was named the new capital of Russia. Moscow was almost 80% burned during French invasion of Russia in 1918 by Moscow people. As a result, Napoleon’s army suffered from the hunger, cold and lack of supply lines. In 1918, after socialistic revolution of 1917, Moscow became the capital of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and in less than five years later of the Soviet Union. After Soviet Union collapse Moscow became the capital of Russian Federation.

There are number of places to visit in Moscow such as Kremlin, Red Square, Mausoleum, Triumphal Arch of Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, numerous parks and theatres. It also has very active night live where you can enjoy huge variety of restaurants, bars, concerts and several world’s largest nightclubs.

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