Paris capital of France; the administrative center of the region Ile-de-France. Forms a commune and the department, divided into 20 districts.

Population – 2,274,000 people (2014), the fifth largest city in the European Union. Within the metropolitan area “Greater Paris” live 10.6 million people (2011). Located in the north of France, on the plains of the Paris Basin, on the banks of the River Seine.

The main political, economic and cultural center of France. Refers to the global cities, global financial centers. The headquarters of UNESCO and other international organizations.

The historic center formed Ile de la Cité and the two banks of the Seine, down through the centuries. In the second half of the XIX century, has undergone a radical reconstruction. The suburb is a palace and park ensemble of Versailles.

Founded in the III century BC. e. Celtic tribe Parisii. On the III-IV centuries known as Gallo-Roman city of Parisi. Since the end of the X century with interruptions – the capital of France.

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